Blinding Realities; Lasting Possibilities

Blinding Realities weaves gripping stories out of true-life events backed by proven facts and figures from developmental psychology, history, sexuality studies, education, and normative ethics. It adopts a matter-of-fact approach to ageless social vices that plague our young folks as they transition through puberty. The sweet spot of this masterpiece is its unusual way of simplifying the impossibilities that older generations have always sought to evade by keeping silent about this social plague.


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About the Author

Ridwaanullah Abimbola is a celebrated writer, teacher, youth mentor, coach and social educator.

Born into a family of teachers, Ridwaanullah has an inborn talent for teaching and impacting, which makes him a favourite of hundreds of students and mentees. Through his Genius and Intelligence Academy, he has trained over 500 youths on academic intelligence and personal development. He has also developed and delivered custom learning packages on life intelligence and comprehensive puberty education to schools and communities. He is a member of the International Adolescent Health Association (IAHA).


After years of interacting with young people, Ridwaanullah has distilled his experience into a research-based treatise on a most-neglected topic of untold social impact. His vision for Blinding Realities is that it becomes a community project with massive impacts across the global community. As part of these brave efforts, he is creating a digital Comprehensive Puberty Education package that will address the growing needs of young people without corrupting their minds or values.


Ridwaanullah Abimbola holds a BA in Islamic Studies from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria; a diploma in Islam and Contemporary Issues from IOU; a certificate in Global Adolescent Health from the University of Melbourne, Australia; and a postgraduate diploma in Education from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.


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